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Statement from Rob Ireland, Creative Director

Anyone who has been to one of our popular hen party shows, Hollywood Hen Party, will know that one of the main characters is a controversial rapper, named Kanye Pest.

We have always been keen to portray our character to have as little in common with his real life namesake Kanye West, but in recent times we have grown worried about the association.

This week, after Kanye West's disgusting antisemitic comments, we have decided to retire the character completely, and replace him with the much more ambiguous Ice Tray.

This is not the first time we have retired a character name to avoid any link to problematic real celebrities.

Although our shows are comedy shows, and we believe that comedy by it's very nature should always sail close to the edge, no one at Laugh and Let Die Entertainment will ever have any interest in being perceived to make light of the horrific views Kanye West has recently displayed.


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