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Murder Mystery Manchester Liverpool Leeds Sheffield Blackpool
We provide Murder Mystery Events to suit any occasion, and run shows of our own as well.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, we have several scripts and formats and are always writing more.

All our actors are professionally trained, and must pass a rigorous audition process to perform for Laugh And Let Die. You may even recognise some of them from stage and screen.

You can even buy your own Play At Home kits here, and put a Murder Mystery on yourselves!

Please see the Events page for shows near you!

We are a UK-based Murder Mystery Event Company (Global domination is next on the list...)
You’ve been invited to a party, you are greeted by some weird and wonderful characters, and then before you know it, one of them has wound up dead and you are being recruited by the police to help solve the crime!

All in a nights work at one of Laugh and Let Die’s Murder Mystery Events.

Be it poison or gunfire, booby trapped watches or dodgy batches of exploding candy (don't ask!), we have been successfully killing people since 2012. And splitting a few sides too!

See for yourself...!

Check out the video made by vlogger The English Simmer at our 2016 Halloween Show, The Curse of the Scorpion.

Fun starts at 2 min 8 sec, and beware...


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