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Want some wedding reception entertainment? Fun for the young and old? Personalised for your family and friends?

Then you need....

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Fun, easy party games that everyone can join in, led by an experienced performer as your host. The time between the wedding and the meal will fly by!

The games are:

Wedding Guest Bingo – Who’s got engaged? Who’s been on TV? Who did something silly on the hen or stag do? Fill your bingo card in whilst you meet your fellow guests.

Round the World Honeymoon – Paris to New York! Sydney to Vienna! Milan to…. Blackpool! Where will your round the world trip take you? Fill in your passport first to win the prize.

Wedding Jigsaws – Can you complete the most pictures of the happy couple? Or will the final piece be lost under the settee!?

Wedding Reception Quiz – A quiz played throughout the event – all the answers are the names of your guests.

The games are all easy, fun and can be played by any ages. You can play on your own or team up… but you’ll have to share the prizes!

If you don’t want to personalise any of the games, then we can easily accommodate you, and participation is not mandatory! We know some of your guests will just want to prop up the bar! Guests can drop in and drop out as they please.

The host will keep the energy and laughs going throughout the whole two hours, but provide plenty of breaks for the guests to regroup and refuel.

Available throughout the UK. Drop us a line to find out more!

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