What We're Watching - Queen Margaret

Royal Exchange, Manchester Jade Anouka is compelling in Jeanie O’Hare’s bold take on Shakespeare and the life of Margaret of Anjou by Susannah Clapp A few years ago a reader grumbled that I only wrote about women. If only, I thought – my female features clenched in a grim rictus. Would I ever have enough material to do that – even for a week? Well, I do now. The stage is looking different. Not only because actresses are taking on “male” parts. But because writers and directors are doing for women what Tom Stoppard did for attendant lords in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: refocusing a familiar story through the eyes of characters once considered marginal. Jeanie O’Hare’s Queen Margar

Grisly Murders Delivered to your Door!

A fantastic night in Southport, and the first outing of our brand new show, ‘The Titanic Gatsby’, for Karen’s 60th. In her daughter’s garden! We are fully insured and available for performing anywhere, hotels, restaurants, even your house! Get in touch to see how we can give you a party to remember today! But don't take our word for it! Here's what hostess Amanda had to say: 'We booked Rob and Matt for my mums surprise birthday. We had a Great Gatsby theme which they fitted in perfectly with. The event was excellent and we didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Rob and Matt were hilarious and really added the fun element to the show. We would have no hesitation in recommending Laugh an

Lads! Lads! Lads!

Fantastic night for Hayub’s stag in Bristol. Our first ever Stag! (Of many I’m sure!) Get in touch to see how you can have a last night of freedom to remember!

Famous First...

Today, we travel to the fair city of Bristol... for our first ever Stag Party Murder Mystery!!! Wish us luck...

What We're Watching: A Comedy About A Bank Robbery

Mischief Theatre tackles the challenge of following-up some of the best comedies to grace the stage in recent years with confidence and style. The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is a marked departure from the Company’s early works. There is move away from contemporary UK-based settings and a fondness for theatrical in-jokes towards what, initially at least, appears a more conventional method of storytelling. The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is set in late 1950s / early 1960s Minneapolis where crime is rampant. Escaped convict Mitch (Liam Jeavons) plans to steal the Maguvin diamond but his sidekick Neil (David Coomber) is more a liability than an asset. Robin Freeboys (Damian Lynch), the manager

Following up all Leeds...

Fantastic night in Leeds with Meg’s hen party (from Mixture...!). Good luck for the 13th October. We hope you fare better than Kim and Kanye!

Leeds bound...

Off to Leeds tonight for our penultimate hen do of the year (unless we get more bookings!). To find out more about making your last night of freedom a unique night to remember, check out the Hen Party page. We are all very excited (and worried!) for our trip to Bristol next week - it's our first ever Stag Party!!! Wish us luck!

What we're watching: Switch and Tipping Point

For the latest performance in Contact’s In The City programme, the setting is the stunning Old Campfield Market. Switch is a brand new circus inspired work developed by young people from North Manchester with support from Ockham’s Razor who also perform their award-winning show Tipping Point. It is a major creative challenge to work with non-circus trained young people to develop work that has its basis in the challenging and innovative style of Ockham’s Razor. Artistic Director Charlotte Mooney ensures there is a neat developmental flow between the two pieces. Switch has nine individuals in constant poetic flux as they work with poles. Seemingly herding people like refugees, they connect an

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