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Manchester-Wide Murder Mystery!

On 7 October 2017, there is a Interactive Smart Phone Murder Mystery happening in Manchester! Laugh and Let Die are entering, and with all our sleuthing experience, will surely win! But don't let that put you off, there are lots of other prizes available, and we'll let you have a crack at them!

It's for teams of up to 6 (although you can add as many kids and dogs to this number as you want!), and you will hunt for virtual suspects through a smart phone app (think Pokemon Go!), solving clues and eventually, solving the murder!

It's £35 to enter a team (£30 for early birds) and there are loads of cool prizes. Fancy dress is heavily encouraged, with Poirot as the theme. The prizes include tickets to the Manchester premiere of the new Kenneth Branagh version of Murder on the Orient Express.

We can't wait! For more info, check out CluedUpp's website:

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