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Laugh and Let Die Stalwarts Team up with Brookside Legend

Laugh and Let Die stalwarts Matt Seber and Pete Gibson are about to star in a major play about piano genius John Ogdon.

Virtuoso examines the meteoric rise to fame of the Manchester trained classical musician and his subsequent and tragic mental collapse.

Brought to you by Room 5064 Productions and staged at The Three Minute Theatre in central Manchester between 15-21 June, Virtuoso is directed by Brookside legend Sue Jenkins – whose Actor’s Lab trained many of Laugh and Let Die’s principal performers, including creative director Rob Ireland.

Matt, who is known to murder mystery audiences for hilarious creations such as loveable PC Ormack and the pompous industrialist William Inzane in Titanic, is portraying the serious role of the British Psychiatrist who treated Ogdon after his first mental breakdown.

Remembered for his David Cameron-esque politician MI5 CEO (PLC) Titan Belt in Goldzimmer and obnoxious child detective Siegfried Seven in Five Go Mad, Pete is playing a schizophrenic role of Ogdon’s chief tormentors – Bernard Renfrew and John’s father, Howard.

Written by Emmy award winner Bill Humble, Virtuoso visits The Three Minute Theatre within Affleck’s n Manchester for six nights only - so buy your tickets NOW from

Picture one (left to right) Matt Seber, Bill Humble (writer Virtuoso), Sue Jenkins (director) and Philip Hinchcliffe (producer of the film Virtuoso, former Doctor Who producer and friend of the Ogdon family).

Picture two (left to right) Philip Hinchcliffe, Pete Gibson and Bill Humble.

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