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Throwback Review - Nov 2013

As I was in the site of one of our very first ever shows today (more on that soon!), I thought I'd like to re-post the review:

I have just attended my very first Murder Mystery evening run by new company Laugh and Let Die, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The upstairs room in the quaint old pub where it all took place added to the atmosphere which was charged with a mixture of curiosity and laughter. Rob Ireland, who wrote the script to allow for adlibbing, started his company only this year and I believe he will make a success of it. He also played Sergeant Hamish Bacon sent in to suss out the murderer and appointed the 50 plus diners as his assistants. We witnessed the graphic death of Brad Pith, famous actor, in a dramatic extract from Macbeth. Ric Brailsford's portrayal was, although short, sweet. I won't tell the way of killing but it is unusual! The famous actor in question once belonged to a small theatre company and returns for a one night performance of Macbeth. Something sinister happens at the dress rehearsal. We were given a resume of each character's situation. Was the murderer Director, Mike Leek (James McEwan), agent, Becca Claw (Patricia Drakeley), would be famous actor, Robert de Nylon (Tom Noon) or newcomer Keira Whitley (Chloe Jones)? I was impressed with the quality of the questions asked when members of the cast came round to chat to the diners and their rapid, unrehearsed, answers. I have never had an analytical mind which means that I could never become a professional sleuth or even an amateur one. The diners discussed their theories between courses and, as I expected, none of my suggestions were correct. The company use professional actors and I am impressed by their versatility and speed in responding to the audience. They are also extremely funny which means you should look out for the next time Laugh and Let Die put on a show near you. It is a credit to their acting skills that only four people guessed who the culprit was. They had their names put in a hat and Vicky Baxter's name was drawn to win a bottle of bubbly.names put in a hat and Vicky Baxter's name was drawn to win a bottle of bubbly.

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