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Killer start to the year!!!

Wow!!! Well 2016 ended on a high with a flurry of bookings, both public and private, from Halloween onwards.

2017 has started in the same vein, with 10 solid bookings before January is out! We are performing at two Haven holiday parks, thanks to one of our new booking agency partners, and are very proud to be supporting Lagan's Foundation with a charity show in March.

But first up are our ever popular Valentine shows in Liverpool and Salford, which always sell out so get your tickets quick!

We are performing a brand new show, 'The Hand That Mocks the Cradle', which is the twisted tale of millionaire Donald Burp and his quest to find his son Barthem a nanny, so he can go on his honeymoon with Tru-Fi Wiffe-Burp.

It's a fantasitically funny story (although we cannot claim it is bizarre as the real life story of the man the main character is based on!)

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