The DIABOLICAL Comedy Roast Night


Have you got a problem?

No one else can help?

Then you need to hire… THE DEVIL!

That’s right! We have the Agony Anti-Christ on hand to solve your problems. Or more specifically, the problems your ‘friends’ think you have!

The Devil deals out the devious advice no one else is as qualified to give, offering less than sympathetic solutions to your problems.

Too tight?

Terrible dancer?

Rubbish at chatting people up?

If that sounds like your mate, and you want to help them out (because it’s all for their own good, right!?), bring them along to the Devil May Care Comedy Night, submit the problem, and leave it to Beelzebub!

From the creators of the Edinburgh festival smash hit, This Is Your Trial, this is a roast night with a diabolical twist, specially devised for stag and hen nights.

And if you’re worried about the Devil getting out of hand, don’t worry, because God is the moderator!